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How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria For Crypto 2024

How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

In this article, we will talk about “how to sell gift cards in Nigeria” but before we delve into the main focus of today, let us see the different ways from which one can sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Sources Of Gift Cards In Nigeria

There are many ways to get gift cards in Nigeria but the two most popular ways are either buying gift cards or earning gift cards.

Gift cards can be bought from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google Play Store, and even retail stores. Other websites such as swagbucks, survey junkie gives out gift cards as rewards for filling out online surveys and performing other tasks. Either way, the most common thing about people who hold gift cards is their tremendous desire to sell gift cards for cash.

In the next post, we will see the various ways or platforms to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

Selling gift cards is not rocket science, it’s simply done the same way our daily transactions are carried out. The only problem lies in the meticulous identification of the various legit platforms to sell gift cards successfully.

There are many platforms in Nigeria where this trade can be done, if you find your way into their website or mobile app, then you’re good to go. Such websites like Xpresstradez.

Let’s talk about our very own Xpresstradez and how you can successfully sell your gift cards on our platform.

Xpresstradez is an acceptable platform you can use to purchase and sell gift vouchers in Nigeria. You can sell your gift cards for Naira, bitcoin, or USDT and different kinds of crypto.

Xpresstradez plans to give you the best worth return for your gift vouchers by offering appealing rates. You can recover, purchase and sell gift cards, utilizing a cell phone, tablet, or personal computer with them. The easy-to-use stage is accessible for both web and versatile clients.

Xpresstradez offers three installment techniques for gift voucher exchanges. You can be paid in naira or Bitcoin and simultaneously, you can change over your gift cards to USDT.

They upholds more than 20 distinct kinds of gift cards in Nigeria. Click here to sell your gift cards on Xpresstradez and get compensated to your ledger within 5 minutes.


Selling gift cards in Nigeria could be a herculean task if you do not know how to navigate your way through the right source. Some people have been victimized by some fraudsters in this process but I hope this post becomes an eye-opener, as well as a medium of enlightening you on what you never knew.

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