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When Are Gift Cards Useful?

Gift cards were introduced to offer some level of convenience to customers of businesses and also increase profits for businesses. Many people who have experienced the numerous advantages of using gift cards, can never let go of the plastic card nor the E-codes equivalent.

Sources of gift cards in Nigeria

Everything on earth has a source from which it came, right?

There are numerous ways one can acquire gift cards in Nigeria, but the two most common ways are purchasing gift cards and earning gift cards.

Gift cards can be purchased from companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and even retail stores. Other platforms, such as Swagbucks and survey junkies and the rest, offer gift cards as a reward for engaging in the numerous tasks on their platform, such as taking surveys, playing games etc.

 When Are Gift Cards Useful?

Here are some reasons why gift cards are a useful form of payment;

1.  When It’s An Alternative Form Of Payment: 

When using cash or a prepaid debit card is inconvenient, gift cards can do the trick. Imagine running out of cash or forgetting your debit card at home but you still have your gift card or the E-codes in your email, it can serve as an alternative form of payment and save you from that mess.

2. When It Gives Provision For Choice Of Gift:

Gift cards are a good way to gift our loved ones during the holiday seasons or special events because they allow the recipient to choose their gifts rather than the giver deciding for them.

3. When It Helps In Budgeting:

Gift cards can help you avoid unnecessary spending and also keep track of your spending, and avoid unnecessary bank fees. When you carry cash around, you may be tempted to buy what you never intended to buy and end up spending the whole money, but gift cards do not give room for this unnecessary spending because you only pay at the store and cart out when your trade is completed.

4. When It’s Secure:

Gift cards are incredibly safe to use because they can be frozen in the event of theft or loss without resulting in the loss of the money on the card. You only need to have the gift card number and maybe a payment receipt which would be sent to the company to get a replacement.





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