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Did you get an Amazon gift card but would prefer to have cash instead? Don’t worry. You can convert an Amazon gift card to cash using Xpresscardz!

Perhaps a well-meaning friend gave you an Amazon gift card as a present, but you don’t want to buy anything from Amazon. Maybe the item you want is not available on the platform. Maybe the shipping fees are too much, and you’d rather buy locally. The problem is, Amazon itself won’t let you return the card in exchange for cash. And you can’t return the card to the person who gave it to you and ask for money instead.


The Xpresscardz buying and selling platform is 100% secure so that you can transact with confidence. Aside from Amazon, you can also sell other gift cards on  Xpresscardz, including American Express, eBay, iTunes, Apple Store, and many more.

Simply list your card for sale and wait for it to be seen by hundreds of interested buyers. Once a buyer pays and gets all your card details, the transaction is completed