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Gift Cards Frequently Asked Questions 2022

Gift cards

Below are some of  the frequently asked questions:

Where Can I Purchase A Gift Card?

You can purchase a gift card at retail stores or directly from gift card companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart.

When And Where Can I Use A Gift Card?

You can use your gift card to pay for items listed on the gift card company’s e-stores and many retail stores, at any time. You can also sell your gift card for the cash value.

How Do I Find Out How Much Money Is On My  Gift Card?

You can check your gift card balance on your gift card merchant website.

Can I Withdraw Money At An ATM, Using My Gift Card, Or Deposit A Gift Card Into My Bank Account? 

The answer is NO. Gift cards, no matter the type, can only be used to make purchases. You can’t have access to the funds on the cards using an ATM or using bank transactions.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Gift Card? (Is There An Extra Fee?)

There are no activation payments for purchasing eGift or merchant physical cards. However, you’ll only pay a purchase fee, the money value of the card, to buy the gift card.

Do Gift Card Funds Expire?

Funds on gift cards do not expire. The expiration date inscribed on the front of the card (along with the CVN on the back of the card) is just for easy processing by merchants as debit or credit cards. Peradventure, there are still funds on the card after the termination date on the front of the card, you can reach out to customer service to obtain a no-fee replacement card. However, gift cards that are inactive for more than 12 consecutive months are normally charged a $4.95 per month service fee by some merchants.

Why Was A Purchase Made With My Gift Card Declined?

This normally happens if the purchase is greater than the funds available on the gift card, the card may be declined. If you want to make a transaction beyond the balance of the card, split the purchase into two transactions, inform the cashier in advance of the exact amount to deduct from the card. Then pay the balance of the purchase with a second form of payment such as cash.

How Do I Redeem The Merchant eGift Card?

Check the specific terms and conditions outlined on each merchant’s product page before purchase.

Are There Monthly Fees On  Gift Cards?

No, there are no extra monthly subscription fees on gift cards. However, some merchants charge extra monthly service fees to reactivate 12 consecutive months of inactive gift cards.

How Do I Sell My Gift Card?

There are many reliable platforms where you can sell your gift cards at a good rate. Follow the process here to sell your gift card successfully.




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