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Looking for a safe and convenient way to exchange your Steam gift card for cash? Xpresscardz is the leading Steam card trade platform today. visit the platform, and you can start trading your Steam cards and other gift cards instantly.

Popular with gamers, Steam gift cards work exactly like gift certificates. You can redeem them on Steam to purchase all kinds of software, games, and many more. These cards are available in different denominations. But if you’re not a gamer and don’t want to buy anything on Steam, worry not. You can turn your card into cash with Steam card trade on Xpresscardz.


How do you start? Log onto the Xpresscardz app and list your Steam gift card. It’s absolutely free to use the app and sell on the platform. Once we’ve validated your card and it’s sold, you can choose to withdraw your money into your bank account.

We’ve designed everything to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Xpresscardz was made specifically for people who want to sell their unused and unwanted cards not only from Steam but also from many other vendors including Amazon, eBay, Sephora, iTunes, Vanilla Visa, and more. Check out the app to see what cards are currently supported.

What are you waiting for? Don’t risk letting your Steam gift card expire and letting it go to waste. Sell it today via Steam card trade on the Xpresscardz app. It’s the fastest way to get money for a gift card you will never use. visit Xpresscardz trading section to start.