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Top 5 Highest Gift Card rates in Nigeria

Gift Cards Trader in Nigeria

To start with, if you want to sell gift cards for naira, bitcoins, USDT, or cedis, you should consider Xpresstradez it’s a platform where you can exchange gift cards for cash easily and fast.


1. Apple / iTunes store gift card

Apple is definitely everyone’s favorite because it is the most sought-after in the gift card market and also readily available in most stores. It is one of the best gift cards in Nigeria with the highest rate in market trading. At the moment, a $100 apple store gift card is worth roughly about 180,000 to 250,000 naira on Xpresstradez. This value is not constant as it varies often, but the price for $100 iTunes is within that range.

2. Google Play Gift card

This gift card has become very popular in recent times despite its well-known google error. This is because it is very easy to sell. It’s the second high rate gift card. If you have a Google account, you can redeem it at Google Play store. However, for instant cash, you can sell it on Xpresstradez. Right now, a $100 google play gift card go for about 180,000 to 240,000 naira.

3. Sephora Gift Card

Sephora cards are used in buying physical items from the Sephora store. It has almost the same rate as the Google Play card. Also, Sephora gift cards and Nordstrom mostly have the same rates due to similar content as beauty brands. $100 SEPHORA right now can be sold for about 178,000 naira to 245,000 naira.

4. Amazon Gift Card

This card can never go out of demand. It is used for the purchase of both physical and digital goods from Amazon. You can get up to 92% of the face value of an Amazon gift card back when you decide to exchange for cash, especially if you have a cash receipt. A $100 amazon gift card with cash receipt can go for as high as 185,000 naira.

5. AMEX Card

American express gift cards are getting popular in Nigeria. It is the same as an AMEX gift card. You can easily sell an Amex card on Xpresstradez at about 190k-270K.

Other cards with the highest rates to also sell are:

Walmart Gift card

eBay Gift card

Steam Gift card

Nike gift card

Footlocker gift card

Whether or not you have the highest gift card rates, if you do not know or have the right platform to trade them, it’s a big loss! Selling your gift cards and selling your gift cards at good value are two different things.

At xpresscardz.com, we offer you the best rates for those who want to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Contact us today!

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