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Gift cards


SELL OR REDEEM NETFLIX GIFT CARDS IN NIGERIA: Gift cards were invented to redeem us from all the disadvantageous features of the traditional means of payment, which is cash. It is a more secure and convenient alternative that allows you to make payments from any part of the world. There are different gift cards today, and one of the most popular types is the Netflix gift card.

The Netflix gift card was created by the popular movies and TV series online platform called Netflix. It is a unique gift card that can only be used on the Netflix online platform to pay for a subscription for Netflix services. Netflix gift cards are available in both the physical and electrical form (e-code). The physical card or the e-code are made of 11 unique digits that can be used to purchase the Netflix monthly subscription.

Although Netflix is quite popular in Nigeria, the use of their gift cards is not. Hence, most Netflix users in Nigeria have resorted to selling their gift cards for cash to make profits. If you own a Netflix gift card and want to sell it, the card trading platform you should use is the Xpresstradez trading Platform. Xpresstradez is the safest and most reliable gift card trading platform in Nigeria and has amazing features that would make your trading experience worthwhile.

How much is a $100 Netflix gift card in Nigeria?

Generally, the prices of gift cards are not stable, which is a result of the peculiarities of the exchange market. However, Xpresstradez tries its best to make sure that they please their customers by selling at the best rates. At Xpresstradez, it doesn’t matter what is going in the exchange market because Xpresstradez has your best interest at heart.


How much is a $50 Netflix gift card in Nigeria?          

If you are one of those traders that cannot keep up with the ever-changing rates of gift cards, xpresscardz has the ultimate solution for you. All you have to do is follow the process below:

  • Visit the xpresscardz online platform.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Select Netflix in the category column.
  • Input $50 as the value of the Netflix gift card you want to inquire about.
  • Automatically, the calculator will calculate your rate and display the naira equivalent, which is 11,500 naira.

How much is a $200 Netflix gift card in Nigeria?

You can sell your $200 Netflix gift card at the best rate on xpresscardz and get paid instantly. Presently, the value of a $200 Netflix gift card on xpresscardz is 42,000 naira.


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