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10 most popular Gift Cards for Men in 2022

Gift Cards

Do you know that gifts increase dopamine? Dopamine is responsible for a person’s motivation/mood. Getting the men in your life a gift or two will definitely make them happy. However picking out gifts for individuals can be stressful. How about you take that stress away from your already occupied brain. Yes, the stress of trying to figure out what the men in your life want as gifts. How can this be a possibility? With gift cards of course. The wonderful creation puts the responsibility in the hands of the gift receiver. Let’s just say it’s a gift that buys other gifts and makes sure the receiver likes what he got. We have created a top 10 list of Gift Cards for Men to help you know exactly what brands of gift vouchers to get. But first, let’s see why gift cards are better than regular gifts.

Reasons Why Gift Cards are better Regular Gifts

Putting all the characteristics of gift cards together it will be clear to see that they are better gifts than regular gifts. These are the following reasons why they are better:

  1. Gift cards allow receivers to get exactly what they want.
  2. Due to the fact that gift cards can be sent online as eGift cards, it makes it easy to Deliver.
  3. With gift cards, the gifter does not need to be close to the receiver to give them, so it breaks the distance barrier.
  4. When people get exactly what they want compared to accepting a gift just because someone bought them, it leaves a lasting memory in the receiver’s head.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s take a look at the best for men in 2022.

Best Brands of Gift Cards for Men

1. Nordstrom

The luxury departmental store will definitely put a smile on a guy’s face. Especially one who is into fashion or just wants to buy some home furniture.

2. Amazon

This brand of gift cards suits everyone, including men. The largest online retail store has a large number of items to choose from.

3. Google Play

This can turn an Android phone into an entertainment hub. From top-notch apps to games, a Google Play gift card will be beneficial to an android man.

4. Adidas

Most guys like sneakers and Adidas makes one of the best sneakers. Why not give him an Adidas gift card to help him satisfy his sneakers cravings.

5. Best Buy

If he is into electrical appliances like phones, televisions, sound systems then a Best Buy gift card will suit him.

6. Spotify

If he is heavy on streaming songs then a Spotify gift card is appropriate for him. Who wouldn’t want to get a premium membership with no ads while you stream?

7. Netflix

There are hundreds of movies to choose from on Netflix. From Action to Romcoms, whatever type of genre the man in your life likes a Netflix gift card can give him access to it.

8. Nike

If your man is a fitness enthusiast and likes to look good while keeping fit then he will appreciate a Nike gift card.

9. Footlocker

Air Jordans, Air Force ones, Nike sneakers etc. Do these names make him excited? If yes then a footlocker gift card will make him excited.

10. Gaming Gift Cards

Gaming gift cards are a great gift for guys that are avid gamers. Steam gift cards, Playstation gift cards, Xbox gift cards etc are all gaming gift vouchers he will appreciate.

Gift cards are an all-around lifesaver when it comes to giving gifts. Even when they are not used to redeem gift items they can be converted to cash or Cryptocurrency. So it’s always a win-win situation with gift cards.

Do you have any of the above mentioned gift card and you wish to trade them for cash in any currency and payment method or crypto currency at a very high rate, Click here to trade your gift card now.

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