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How To Trade My Gift Cards

Sell any gift card for cash in less than 5 minutes

What Can I Do With My Unused Gift Card?

There are quite a number of things to do with your unused gift card. You may choose to swap your gift card for a different brand or sell it for cash. Note however, that there are upsides and downsides to this, which we would look into.

How to Sell Your Gift Card

There are websites available that give you the opportunity to sell your gift cards for something very close to its face value. Xpresstradez is one of them. You get to sell your gift card for cash, and be paid directly into your bank account.  Another option is to sell your gift card online, at cash for gold shops, kiosks in groceries stores or malls and check cashing service centers. The downside, however, is you will not receive the full worth of your card, and maybe not close to the face value of the card. The seller through cash, PayPal, will determine the means of payment etc.  Bear in mind that gift cards differ and so does the amount of the gift card you are looking to trade, transaction and the platform you are using.

How to Swap Your Gift Card

Exchanging your gift card for another one, often means a greater value, but does not necessarily guarantee a full payout. If you choose to discard your gift card this way, there are a wide array of options, online exchanges, kiosks and retailers inclusive.

Does It Matter Where I Trade or Sell My Gift Card?

Yes, it does matter. Selling or trading online will definitely give you rates that are near face value, when you trade on reliable platforms like Xpresstradez.

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