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Difference Between Physical Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers

Gift Cards

What’s The Difference?

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a form of prepaid debit cards that have been loaded with funds for a later use. They are substitute for cash and you can use it to shop or gift money to your friends. Gift cards are of different types. Now you may be wondering, “These things sound so alike, how can I tell the difference between them?”

Physical Gift Cards

Physical gift cards are actual physical plastic cards that you can get from a physical store. It usually looks like a credit card or a debit card in rectangular form. In other words, it looks like your regular ATM card. It has imprinted card numbers or unique codes that make the card identifiers validate the cards. These codes also help to prevent fraud. Physical gift cards cannot be personalized to anybody’s name unlike gift vouchers. Example of a physical gift card is a $100 Amazon physical gift card. You can use your physical Amazon gift card when you visit the Amazon store.


Ecodes are digital gift card codes that are purchased online. They are also referred to as virtual or digital gift cards. Once purchased, these codes are sent to the buyer’s email address or through SMS. These ecodes are usually 16 digit numbers or a PIN code and they are entered at checkout to be exchanged for goods. Ecodes are of less value, compared to physical gift cards.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are promotional vouchers. They are usually purchased in paper formats i.e. it is usually on paper and it either has a dollar value or percentage off. These vouchers are for single use only and cannot be exchanged for cash. Most times, a gift voucher has an expiry date from 2-12 weeks.

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