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How to Sell American Express Gift Card in Nigeria  


American Express (AmEx) is an American multinational company that specializes in payment cards. These payment cards include debit, credit, and gift cards. In this article, our focus is on the American Express gift card and how they can be sold in Nigeria. First of all, why sell them instead of using them? There are obvious reasons why selling them in Nigeria is the only option one has to make them useful.

Before learning how to sell, Let us diagnose reasons why selling AmEx gift cards in Nigeria is your best option.

Why Selling AmEx Gift Cards in Nigeria is the Best Option

  1. Unlike Mastercard and Visa, American Express does not operate in Nigeria so their gift cards are not useful.
  2. They sell at good rates. Yes, American Express gift cards have good resale value. So if not for anything else sell them cause the payment is worth it.
  3. This brand of gift card can also be used to purchase cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and USDT on a platform like Xpresstradez.
  4. A gift card trading platform like Xpresstradez operates on a 24 hours basis. Due to this your AmEx gift card is a source of income at any time of the day.

Now to the question of the moment, how do you sell American Express gift cards in Naija? To sell them you have to use a safe platform that pays in minutes and is easy to use. Only one name comes to mind when we put all those factors into consideration, Xpresstradez. We will now proceed to explain how to sell on the best platform to trade your gift cards on.

How to trade Your American Express Gift Card on Xpresstradez

Click here to trade your American express gift card and you would automatically be referred to our customer service.

  1. specify the type of gift card you want to trade.
  2. specify the amount of the gift card you want to trade.
  3. Fill in or send the necessary details of the gift card for processing on the next page.
  4. you would be notified with the value worth of the gift card, wait for some few minutes and get your payment in any payment method of your choice.

For more details on this, you can visit the site. The wonderful thing is that you get paid in Naira, bitcoin, or USDT. There is also a Cedis option for those in Ghana. So get trading and turn your Amex cards into cash or crypto, the choice is yours.

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