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What Can I Buy With Google Play Gift Card?

Gift cards

The digital Google Play Store has made it possible that you can quickly and easily purchase these or even get them for free on your Android device. If you love reading random books, watching interesting movies, especially the ones featuring your favorite actors, streaming episodes of the best TV series, or testing your gaming potentials in all the new games, then Google Play Store is the best place to be.

Before we talk about these interesting products you can buy from the Google Play Store, it is important to note that some contents in the Google Play Store are restricted in some areas. That is to say that not every content is accessible in some countries.


Where Is It Available?

Since its inception, Google Play Store has presented over 2 million published apps and enabled over 50 billion downloads globally but this does not mean that everyone on the planet has access to the same content.

Customers in the United States and a few other countries like Canada have complete access to the store’s offerings. Others, on the other hand, may be unable to access certain products, or may only be able to access free apps and games rather than the paid ones. If you have family or friends in countries where Google Play is not widely available, a great gift for them is a Google Play Gift Card that will give them unlimited access to all the contents available in the store. That sounds cool, right?

It’s also very easy to redeem Google Play gift cards.

Things You Can Buy With Google Play Gift Card

There are lots of things you can purchase with your Google Play gift card and all of them are digital and can only be purchased on the Google Play Store. Google Play Gift Card can never be used to buy anything and anywhere outside the Google Play Store, anybody who asks you to send your Google Play Gift Card Codes to help you purchase or pay any bill is engaged in a Google Play Gift Card Scam, report immediately to the authorities.

Here are things you can buy with your Google Play Gift Card:

1. Movies

 The Google Play Gift Card grants you access to unlimited on Google Play Store. Do you wanna watch all those amazing Marvel and DC movies? How about that romantic tv series your friends always talk about in school? The Google Play Gift Card will let you buy all these movies and view them on your device.

2. Books

If you have a great penchant for reading, you can access all your favorite books on the Google Play Store using the Google Play Gift Card, from the Harry Potter series to the James Hadley Chase crime series.

3. Apps

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store; Clubhouse, Clash of Clans, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Camera360, DU Speed Booster, Spotify, LOL Pics, Whatsapp, Boomplay, etc. whether you need apps that let you play games, chat with people, enhance your pictures, improve your productivity, produce a piece of music, learn how to pray, daily workout routine and lots more, there’s always an app waiting on Google Play Store. All you need to access them is your Google Play Gift Card.

4. Magazines

If you love reading magazines, you can subscribe to any magazine in the store with your Google Play Gift Card and start getting unlimited business, sports, entertainment news from your favorite sources.

5. Games

Game freaks will find this Google Play Card very interesting because it gives you the key to the world of unlimited video games, from Star Wars:Squadron to Doom Eternal and many more mind-blowing video games that can make you forget breakfast and lunch. Just kidding, I’m sure you do not want to forget your food. Get a Google Play Gift Card and start enjoying the world of games.

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