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How To Sell Vanilla Visa Gift Card in Ghana


Vanilla Visa gift card has to be the sweetest gift card brand name of all time. Having one with you in Ghana can also be sweet to your Crypto wallet/bank account. This article will help you understand how to make your Vanilla gift card useful to you in Ghana.

Below is an explanation of what a gift card is to give the newcomers a better understanding of what a Vanilla gift card is.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to receive gift items. They are an alternative payment method to debit cards and cash. A gift card is a safe way to give a loved one a gift or reward employees. This is because it allows the receiver to get whatever they want.

Now that we understand what gift cards are, let us get back to the sweet Vanilla gift card.

What Is A Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

Vanilla Visa gift cards are prepaid cards used to redeem items from stores that accept Visa cards in the USA. The cards’ value ranges from $10-$500 only.

As stated above, Vanilla gift cards only work in the US. This automatically means it can’t be used to redeem items from stores in Ghana. No worries if you have a Vanilla gift card you can trade them for cash or Cryptocurrency. To be able to sell though, you have to be sure how much value is left on the card. This is for you to know exactly how much you can make from the gift card.

How To Check Your Vanilla Gift Card Balance

To check your balance just go to Vanilla gift.com’s.  Fill in the information needed and follow the instructions on the page. This is the only way you can know how much balance you have on your Vanilla gift card.

How To Trade Your Vanilla Gift Card For Cash Or Crypto

To trade your Vanilla Visa gift card for cash or Crypto you need to fish out a safe and easy-to-use platform that sells at good rates. We would focus on the Xpresstradez platform because the platform offers all the safety, good rates, and speed you need.

To trade your vanilla gift card click here to get redirected to our customer services.

  1. specify the type of gift card you want to trade.
  2. specify the amount of gift card.
  3. Fill in or send the gift card required details.
  4. If it’s cash you want, specify if it is Naira or Cedis you want as your payment method.
  5. If it’s Cryptocurrency you want, you have to specify the digital currency you want as your payment method. E.g Bitcoin, Dogecoins, etc.

It only takes 5 minutes to get credited.

Viola! The answer to your question, turn your Vanilla Visa gift card to Cedis or Bitcoin, the choice is yours.

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