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How Much is Sephora Gift Card in Nigeria

Gift card


Sephora is a store that sells beauty and personal care products. Their headquarters is in Paris, France and have 2,600 branches distributed around 34 countries. These countries do not include Nigeria so therefore a Sephora Gift card might not be usable in the country. So what do you do when you have a Sephora gift card in Naija? Simple, you sell them on a reliable platform that buys for good rates.

Apart from finding out how much Sephora gift cards are, let us also diagnose how to sell them first.

How to Sell Your Sephora Gift Card in Nigeria

Like was stated above, Sephora gift cards will be useful in Nigeria if you sell them for cash. The following are steps you should follow to sell the beauty product gift card online.

  1. Click here to trade your sephora gift card and get redirected to xpresscardz customer care platform.
  2. specify the type of gift card you want to trade.
  3. Specify the amount of the gift card you want to trade.
  4. fill in or send the details of the gift card as instructed.
  5. specify your payment method and wait for some few minutes to get your payment.

Another good quality of the Xpresstradez platform is that you can be paid in Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT. Trading doesn’t take time because its super user friendly. After successfully selling the gift card you will get a payment confirmation in a matter of minutes.

Now to the one, everybody is eager to get information about, how much is Sephora gift card in Nigeria. To determine this though we need to consider a few things. Things like the value of the card as in how much was preloaded on it. The nature of the card, is it a physical card or just a code (ecode)? The exchange rates will also be a big determinant of the price of the gift card.

Prices of Sephora gift cards rise and fall due to these different factors, but for the sake of this article,  here are the current prices of Selling Sephora gift cards;

A Few Rates

USA Sephora ecode 300
USA Sephora physical 100
USA Sephora Physical 200
USA Sephora ecode 100
USA Sephora ecode 50

Those are a few rates acquired. Also note that these rates could have changed by the time you would be reading this article.

click here to trade your sephora gift card now.

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