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5 Best Game Gift Card for Gamers in 2022 to Trade online


Here are the top 5 best list of game gift card for gamers in 2022.

Are you a game lover, looking for the best games to get with your Gift cards?

Or you’re asking what are gaming Gift cards and what is the Best game Gift Card for Gamers?

Here is the right place to get the answers you’re looking for and know more about Gaming Gift Cards.

Most Gift cards are literally the same when choosing within the categories of cards, but Gaming Gift Cards are different.

For you to pick the best game gift card for Gamers, you need to know your preferred gaming console or system.

However, there are different types of Gaming Gift cards and their various alternatives, which includes;

  • Gaming Gift Cards.
  • Game-Specific Gift Cards.
  • Electronics Store Gift Cards.

Here on this page, I will be focusing on the Gaming Gift Cards and share with you the Best Game Gift Card for Gamers.

Nevertheless, Gaming Gift Cards are redeemable and works perfectly on various gaming platforms.

The gaming gift cards can be used to buy variety of games, buy game add-ons, buy avatar gear, renew subscriptions and many more.

These game gift cards can only be redeemable through their various respective gaming console or system.

Therefore, you must know the preferred gaming system, so you can buy with the right gift card.

Which Gaming Gift Card Should I Buy?

If you’re planning to get the Best Game Gift Card for Gamers in 2022 but not sure the preferred gaming system, then, don’t rush.

You need to buy the corresponding gift card with their gaming system when gifting someone a gaming gift card.

A Gaming-Specific Gift Card will not work for Gaming Gift Card if the person doesn’t have the right system.

Hence, you can buy Electronics Gift Card, MasterCard Gift Card or Visa Gift Card instead.

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Xpresstradez is the Nigeria’s leading Gift Card Exchanger, where you sell Gift Cards for Instant Cash.

Now, let’s see the list of 5 Game Best Gift Cards for Gamers in 2022.

5 Best Game Gift Cards for Gamers in 2022

The following below are the list of 5 Best Gift Cards for Gamers that are redeemable on a particular gaming system or console.

1. PlayStation Gift Cards

PlayStation Gift Cards is the first on our list here, having the most popular gaming system.

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) Gift cards are very much redeemable on the PlayStation Network (PSN).

It works on every PS4 console for both the current PS4 and older ones including (PS1, PS2, PS3).

Also the Gift Cards are redeemable for downloadable contents like games, movies etc. through the (PSN).

If you’re looking for the best Gift card for gamers, the PlayStation Store Gift Card can serve.

You can quickly buy one from the Gift Card website.

2. Xbox Gift Cards

Xbox Gift cards are one of the Gaming Gift Cards made available for Gamers.

These gift cards are very much redeemable through the Microsoft Store Online both on Windows and Xbox.

You can get the Xbox Gift Cards to use and redeem it first to your Microsoft account.

By doing so, the funds will be transferred from the Xbox Gift Card to the Microsoft account.

This will allow you to spend the funds and download digital contents, games, movies and others through the Xbox console.

The Xbox Gift Cards works together with the Microsoft Gift Cards of which after redeeming to your Microsoft account, the funds can be used on any Xbox or another Microsoft supported system.

If you’re an Xbox One Gamer, then Xbox Gift Card or Microsoft Gift Card is a perfect choice for you.

3. Nintendo Gift Cards

The Nintendo Gift Cards is one of the Best Gift Card for Gamers in 2022 that are also redeemable.

These gift cards are redeemable online at Nintendo.com or through the Nintendo eShop.

After redeeming the Nintendo Gift Card, you can use the balance to buy digital contents like features, movies and downloadable games.

Once you buy any digital contents, it will be downloaded into your Nintendo account or device associated with your Nintendo account.

However, both the Nintendo Gift Cards redeemed online and on the Nintendo eShop can be used to purchase contents with your Nintendo account ready.

And all purchased contents with the Nintendo redeemed Gift cards via Online or eShop will be downloaded to your Nintendo account or device associated with your Nintendo account.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch Gamer, then the Nintendo eShop Gift Card is the perfect one for you.

You can easily buy the Nintendo Gift Cards on the Giftcards.com website.

4. Steam Gift Cards

Steam Gift Cards is another wonderful Gift Cards made available for Gamers.

The Steam provides you with a system for gaming on web and mobile interfaces.

Here on Steam, you don’t need a gaming console or system to play the games.

The steam gaming interface can be downloaded on Android devices, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC.

However, the Steam Gift Cards are redeemable cards of which you must have a Steam account before you can redeem it.

You can redeem your Steam Gift cards on Steam.com storefront and once after redeeming, the funds will be transferred into your Steam Wallet account.

If you’re a gamer who loves to play games on PC or mobile device, then Steam Gift Card is your perfect match.

5. Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox Gift Cards is one of the Best Gift Card for Gamers in 2022 that can be played on nearly any device.

Just like the Steam, Roblox can be played on Android devices, iOS, Mac, Windows PC Amazon devices, Xbox One and others.

Roblox is completely free but you can upgrade to the “Builders Club” membership to access other higher features.

However, you can redeem the Roblox Gift Cards to get the Robux which serves as the game virtual currency.

So, this is all you need to know about the Gaming Gift Cards and the available Gift Cards for Gamers.

The above is a list of Best Game Gift Card for Gamers in 2022, you can quickly pick your choice from the list and redeem OR CLICK HERE to trade any of the listed gamers gift card above.

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