There is a high demand for these cards. Either to be redeemed at a brand or as a means of payment, you do not have to look too far anymore to see a Nigerian in the country with gift cards. 

With the year drawing closer to an end, I believe it is safe to start giving reviews, about the gift cards that have attracted the most money to our pockets in 2021 so far. 

In no categorical order, here are the top 20;

Top 20 Best Selling Gift Cards In Nigeria 

1.Razor Gold Gift Card 

Razer Gold gift cards are unified credits for gamers, that can be redeemed on the official website. These cards possess very good rates. If you are using a customer-inclined platform to Xpresstradez, you can get as high as 180,500 Naira for your $100 gift card.

2.American Express Gift Card

You are probably more familiar with AMEX. This is just the short form, means the same thing. These cards can be used as a form of payment anywhere AMEX is accepted. A $100 AMEX gift could get you as high as 190,000 Naira. But $300 cards and above hold higher values. 

3.Steam Gift Card 

This is a key, which could be used to access all items on the Steam platform. This digital asset has heavy demand in Nigeria. This brand is unique because various steam currencies have great rates. Most times the UK card possesses the highest rate. Usually ranging from 435 – 440. Euro 370 – 376, and US 300 – 340.

4.Amazon Gift Card 

These cards can be redeemed either on the official website or either of the various amazon retail outlets, to purchase items. The amount you get for the resale of your card depends on how you purchased the card. They are different forms of receipts you can get for purchasing amazon cards. Some of which include debit, credit, and cash, etc. Cash receipt holds the highest value amongst amazon cards. For resale, typically you should get nothing less than 180,000 – 234,000 Naira for your $100 Amazon gift card.

5.Google Play Gift Card 

This brand needs little or no introduction. Google Play is the official application store for the Android operating system and when redeemed, these cards can be used to purchase all paid items on the Play Store. 

The 100 UK google play could give you as high as 134000 – 236000 Naira. 

6.iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are used for a variety of reasons, due to the size of the brand, your gift cards can be put to use either to purchase music, movies, podcasts, etc. The physical US $100 itunes, has the highest rate amongst the other iTunes currencies. Ranging from 355- 365.

7.Sephora Gift Card

This multinational company is very popular in the United States and across Europe, specializing in beauty products and make-up. 

It has also become popular here in Nigeria, and the gift cards have a good resale value. Sephora gift cards rate vary from about 342 – 345.

8.Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom is a luxury fashion brand. That sells high-end clothes and accessories. Nordstrom gift cards can be used to purchase these items online or at either of their retail stores. These cards have a good resale value. A $100 Nordstrom card ranges from 132,000 – 200,000.

9.Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy deals with everything consumer electronics. Televisions, ACs, Fridges, etc. BB gift cards come clutch during resale, most especially if you have a $300 card and above. A $300 best buy card can fetch you as high as 190,000 Naira. 

10.eBay Gift Card

eBay gift cards are preloaded cards issued by eBay used for the purchase of products on the website. You get around 190,000 – 235,000 Naira for your $100 eBay gift card on the right platform.

11.Footlocker Gift Card 

Footlocker is one of America’s Biggest Sneaker Stores. Their gift cards can be used as an alternative method of payment at the stores or online. These cards are also good for resale. A $100 Footlocker gift card has an average rate of about 310 – 330. 

12.GameStop Gift Card

GameStop is the go-to shop to purchase anything video games. Be it software or hardware. This has made the demand for their gift cards rise. 

13.Macy’s Gift Card

This is an American store that deals majorly in Fashion items. Macy’s gift cards have also done well in Nigeria this year. They have averaged a rate of about 320 – 350, for their $100 gift card.

14.Nike Gift Card

We all know Nike. Even from hearing or seeing “Just Do It” almost everybody would know the brand associated with that slogan. What you may not know is that, Nike gift cards have a good resale rate here in Nigeria. A $100 Nike gift card today would give you 133,000 Naira

15.OffGamers Gift Card

OffGamers is a reputable online game store and distribution platform for gamers, game developers, and publishers. Off Gamers gift cards did relatively well in Nigeria in 2021 too. On average, you are sure of about 121,000 – 180,000 Naira for a $100 OffGamers gift card. 

16.Target Gift Card 

Target is one of the largest departmental stores in the United States. These gift cards can be used to purchase the various products at the Target physical stores or In Nigeria, cards with higher amounts. $200 and above have higher rates. You can sell a $200 Target gift card in Nigeria for 340,000 to 420,000 naira today.

17.Vanilla Gift Card

Vanilla gift cards Come in different forms. So you do not get confused, the One Vanilla Visa Mastercard with amounts of $200 above holds the highest rate amongst Vanilla cards. The rates of these particular type of cards are very attractive. I am talking 300 – 315.

18.Walmart Gift Card

There is no talking about hypermarkets and not mentioning Walmart. Walmart gift cards are also a good choice for Nigerians. A $100 Walmart gift card ranges from 220,000 – 250,000 Naira today. 

19.Xbox Gift Card

Xbox gift cards are digital assets used to purchase paid applications on the live network. In Nigeria, you can get about 260,000 Naira for your $100 Xbox gift card.

20.Apple Store Gift Card 

Unlike iTunes, Apple Store gift cards are used to purchase hardware items at Apple. Such as; MacBook’s, iPhones, iWatch, Air Pods, etc. It is evident why their gift cards would have high demand. A $100 Apple store gift card could be sold for as high as 330,000 Naira.



This is probably the best time to own gift cards as a Nigerian. It is important to note that the rates of these gift cards vary. The major determinant of the rate, is the demand for the card. If you own either of these 20 cards you should be good. Another thing that would affect the amount you receive is the platform you sell your card on. A lot of platforms offer minimal rates to their users to maximize profit, this is why you should sell your cards on a platform that offers customer-inclined rates. 

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