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Gift Cards Amount Meant For Birthday Gifts

Gift Cards

Birthday celebrants get a ton of gifts from family and friends on their birthday. These gifts can include cash gifts, groceries, portraits and most especially, Gift Cards.

It has become so common among folks to buy Gift Cards as a token for their birthday celebrants, this can be understood from the angle of the advantages Gift Cards can have over cash and other gifts .

People are tormented by the decision of how much Gift Card amount they can buy as birthday gifts, of course, many don’t want to buy a too cheap or very expensive Gift Card, it should be average.

This question of the average gift card amount to buy as birthday gifts has motivated this article. By the end of this article, you should have decided on how many Gift Card you should get your friends on their birthday.

Top 5 Most Popular Birthday Gift Cards

Before we delve into the bone of contention, let’s discuss the top 5 most popular Birthday Gift Cards you can get your friends.,

Amazon Gift Card:

Everything you want is on Amazon, including the latest gadgets. If you want to make them very happy on their birthday, you may consider getting them an Amazon Gift Card for their birthday.

Google Play Gift Card:

Google Play Store is an amazing store for every android user. The store features amazing digital content like apps, games, movies, magazines etc. So, sending them Google Play Gift Card can be a good way to make their birthday very memorable.

Steam Gift Card:

If your friends are video game freaks, then this Steam Gift Card should be the top priority on their birthday. Steam is a platform where every kind of game can be purchased and downloaded.

Macy’s Gift Card:

Macy is an amazing store that has incredible stock for all beauty products, makeup kits and hair brands. Macy’s gift card can be an amazing birthday gift for your female friends and For The Latest Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes & Home Products.

Amex Gift Card: 

American Express(Amex) Gift Card is a gift card for everyone. It can be used for in-store purchases in different retail stores, many restaurants and hotels also accept payment through Amex Gift Card. It’s a nice birthday gift for your loved ones.

What is The Average Gift Card Specific Amount For a Birthday Gift?

The gift card amount people purchase depends mainly on their budget. According to a survey conducted on over 1000 participants, more than 40% said they would spend between $20- $25 on Birthday Gift Cards. This is to say that most people will spend an average of $25 on Birthday Gift Cards.

What To Consider When Choosing Birthday Gift Cards

There are some factors to put in place when you want to buy a Birthday Gift Card. This will help you make the right choice of gift cards.


When thinking of a gift card to buy your friends for their birthday, you should consider your budget so you don’t shoot yourself in the leg. It’s a gift and I don’t think anything is too small, they are your friends, so they will understand.


It’s a good thing if you’d consider their inclinations when choosing a gift card for them. Do they love video games or skincare products? This means you are bringing their stores of choice to their doorstep, they only need to redeem the card to start enjoying the many products in the store.

Delivery Time:

I’m sure you don’t want to send them the Birthday Gift Card when their birthday has passed. Though it’s not a crime, the gift card sends a better message on an actual day. To avoid unnecessary delay, you need to buy the gift card when the delivery time can still beat the birthday deadline. However, since delivering plastic cards do take time, you can still send e-Gift Cards to them within a few minutes, especially when you were informed on short notice.


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