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Sell Gift Cards in Ghana for Cedis

Gift Cards


Do you live in Ghana and have gift cards lying around that you are struggling to find a use for? If so, you can rely on Xpresstradez to buy those gift cards and you can enjoy an exchange of Cedis. You won’t have to waste the monetary value of the gift card. Instead, you can attain real money and make use of your gift cards.

Learn more about Xpresstradez and how to sell gift cards in Ghana for Cedis.

Who Are Xpresstradez?

Xpresstradez is a gift card exchange service, whereby you can sell your unused and unwanted gift wards for local Ghanaian currency. No longer will you have to waste the monetary value of a gift card as you can attain real money to use for real-life things.

Gift cards limit your purchases whereas money does not. Therefore, you can use Xpresstradez to attain real cash for your gift cards.

Why Use Xpresstradez?

There are so many reasons to use Xpresstradez from being able to attain real money to enjoying their 24/7 service. More on why you should use Xpresstradez as your personal gift card trading platform.

  • ● Attain real money. Instead of having to use the gift card or alternative payments, you can enjoy attaining real money when using Xpresstradez. You can sell your gift cards in Ghana for payment of Cedis.
  • ● Great customer service. Xpresstradez offers around-the-clock service with 24/7 live agents on their app and their website. Therefore, you can ask questions at any time of the day when you want to sell your gift cards for Cedis in Ghana.
  • ● Instant payment of Cedis. You can attain instant payment of Cedis when using xpresscardz. You won’t have to wait a few working days for the money. You can attain it immediately and spend it on what you wish to straight away.
  • ● Reliable customer reviews. Xpresstradez has over 50,000 happy customers, which have left amazing reviews. Many suggest that using Xpresstradez is seamless and quick as they have attained instant payment. Others say that they have found the best rates for exchanging gift cards on Xpresstradez.
  • ● Smooth redemption. You can use Xpresstradez using their app or their website, which makes the process easy and smooth. You will attain your payment as quickly as possible, which enhances the seamlessness of the exchange.
  • ● Great rates. Xpresstradez is known to offer some of the best gift card exchange rates in Ghana for Cedis. Therefore, you can enjoy using them for the best rates and greater return of money for your gift cards.

How To Use Xpresstradez

  1. hello Click here to get redirected to our customer care services.
  2. Specify the type of gift card you want to trade.
  3. Specify the amount of the type of gift card you have.
  4. Upload the card picture or write out the code if necessary.
  5. Specify how you would like to receive your payment.
    The admin after receiving the trade details, will notify once the transaction is done.
    Wait for 5-15 minutes to get paid.

Then, you can sit back and relax while the team transfers your gift card into money and send it to your account. During this time, you can ask questions or initiate other gift cards you have.

It is as simple as that to attain Cedis for your unused gift cards in Ghana.

CLICK HERE to trade your various gift cards for cedis with Xpresstradez.


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