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Where to Trade Your MasterCard Gift Card For Cash

Gift Cards


Mastercard gift cards are open-loop gift cards. This is an advantage for its holders as they have a wider range of stores they can shop from.

The main focus of this article is on how to use your Mastercard gift card to redeem cash. Gift card exchange platforms have made it possible to trade them for cash. Before you pick a gift card exchange platform, you need to be sure that they are safe and they also sell at high rates.

How To Check Your Mastercard Gift Card Rate And Any Other Gift Cards Rate On Xpresstradez?

Click here to get connected to our professional customers care agent and address whatever you need to know based on gift cards or whatever gift card trading amount you would like to know.

Make sure you specify the Mastercard gift card amount in which you have and the country in which it was purchased when addressing your Gift card category. After specifying your type of gift card and the exact amount and country, you would be notified with the amount rate on whatever currency you wish to get paid.  please note that the precise amounts of gift cards are not stable as it fluctuates due to the market value of whatever gift card you might be willing to trade.

Where To Trade Your Mastercard Gift Card For Cash

Trading your Mastercard gift card can be easy and straightforward if you are trading on the right platform. Traders need to be wary of fraudulent platforms that wouldn’t pay you after trading. The following future will help you confirm that a platform is safe to use:

  1. It must be easy to use.
  2. The platform must have customers service to call if anything goes wrong.
  3. Payout time has to be within minutes.
  4. The platform should be able to pay a good high rate.

One platform that possesses all these attributes is Prestmit.com. You can use the app or trade on the website. If you are looking for the highest rates in the market look no further than xpresscardz, the biggest plus on the platform is the fact that you can sell your Mastercard gift card at the highest rates in the market with Xpresstradez.

Mastercard gift cards are one of the best selling gift cards so selling them is definitely a good option.

How To Trade Your Mastercard Gift Card On Xpresstradez

The following steps will guide you to achieve this;

  1. hello Click here to get redirected to our customer care services.
  2. Specify the type of gift card (Mastercard gift card in this case).
  3. Specify the amount of the Mastercard gift card you have.
  4. Upload the card picture or write out the code if necessary.
  5. Specify how you would like to receive your payment, in cedis, naira,bitcoin,paypal,momo, etc.
    The admin after receiving the trade details, will notify you once the transaction is done.
    Wait for 5-15 minutes to get paid.

You can request to be paid in Naira, cedis or crypto by specifying any of the currencies as your Payment method. Now you know how and where to trade your Mastercard gift card, if you have been gifted one in Nigeria, Ghana or any other Country, or you purchased one for the purpose of an online purchase and you decided not to redeem it by purchasing an item online, alongside seeking to trade your Mastercard gift card on a trusted and reliable platform for either naira, cedis, cryptocurrency, or any other currency or method of payment in which you desire, please CLICK HERE to trade your Mastercard gift card gift card now and get paid with the highest rate you would ever experience.

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