This analogy applies to gift cards as well. If you are looking to purchase one this month, you should definitely get those that are in hot demand right now. 

What are the Top Gift Cards This May? 

In no particular order, here are the gift cards already making waves this month; 

1 Razer Gold Gift Cards; These gift cards serve as unified credit for gamers on Razer, that can be used to purchase the numerous games and applications on the platform. Razer Gold Gift Cards are also in hot demand because they have very good resale rates. On Xpresstradez, you can sell your gift card for about 335- 345 /$1. 

2 Nordstrom Gift Cards:  This one is for the fashion heads. Nordstrom gift cards are alternative payment methods, that can be used to purchase high-end and luxury retail clothing on Nordstrom. The physical version of this gift card, usually the ones with amounts 300 & above, can be resold at 340 – 345/$1 on Xpresstradez.

3 Sephora Gift Cards: When you think beauty products think Sephora. You can get about 120,000 – 200,000  Naira by selling your $100 Sephora gift card on Xpresstradez respectively. Rates is not stable. 

4 Google Play Gift Card: This one needs little or no introduction. Google Play gift cards have been one of the most famous and sought out gift cards for years. There are different currencies in which this gift card can come in. However, the Physical UK Google Play has the highest selling rate amongst other Google Cards going at 3,520 – 2,100/£ 1. 

5 Steam Gift Card: Every Gamer would know about this one. The steam platform is popular for being one of the top computer games distribution services. Just like Google Play, they come in different currencies. The Physical Euro Steam with a rate of 2,300 – 3,320/€ 1 is the highest-selling Steam gift card currently. 

Paying attention? okay, good. Let’s move on to the remaining 5;

Top Gift Cards of May 2024–2025

6 American Express Gift Card: The USA AMEX gift card has been very popular this year, you can get about 90,000- 95,000 Naira by selling your 300 AMEX gift card on Xpresstradez. 

7 Macy’s Gift Card: This is also a fashion wear brand, their gift cards can be used to make purchases either online or at a physical store. That’s not all, these gift cards also average about 130,000 – 232,000 Naira for a $100 Macy’s card. 

8 Amazon Gift Card: Depending on the type of receipt you have, you might be in for sweet or really sweet resale rates. With a UK Amazon Cash receipt, you can get rates as high as 1,240 – 3,245/£ 1 on Xpresstradez.

9 Nike Gift Cards: Almost everybody is familiar with this brand. You can get about 125,000 – 328,000 selling your $100 Nike gift card this on Xpresstradez. Rates is not stable.

10 Itunes Gift Card: Nothing beats the OGs. Just like classic Air Force 1s, the iTunes gift card would always stand out as an exceptional creation by Apple. You can sell various currency iTunes gift cards, but the UK physical with a rate of about 2,300-3,320/£ 1 would always

be a top choice.

Now that you have a little bit more insight on the popping cards this month, I feel shopping would be a whole lot easier. 

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