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Top 10 Best Employee Gift Cards in 2023

General Gift Cards Trader in Nigeria

Giving merchandise gifts or cash rewards can sometimes be expensive or ineffective in some cases. For example, a company already set aside a refrigerator as an employee gift. If the most performing staff already has a refrigerator then the gift becomes a burden instead. Cash rewards on the other hand can sometimes be too small to be appreciated or too much for the company to afford. But employee gift cards break all these barriers.

What is Employee Gift Cards?

Employee gift cards are gift cards that are suitable for employees. They have specific amounts of money loaded on them. They are used to make payments, depending on the brand of gift card. Employee gift cards are more or less regular gift cards. But the gift card must be suitable to be used as a gift in the workplace.

5 Reasons Why Are Employee Gift Cards Are better incentives

  • Gifts Gotten with Gift Cards are Memorable

Gift cards allow the receiver to buy exactly what they want, not just force some gift on them. This creates a positive memory in the employee’s subconscious.

  • They Are More of Gifts than Compensations

Gift cards are made to redeem gifts not to pay bills, unlike cash incentives. Due to this fact, the rewarded employee sees it as a gift rather than compensation to just settle bills.

  • Gift Cards Gives The Employee the Freedom to Spend.

It’s obviously not cash so it is not viewed as cash, therefore granting the employee a guilt-free spending spree.

  • Merchandise + Cash = Gift Cards

Gift Cards have a monetary value that enables the employee to redeem merchandise. This makes it the perfect incentive as it combines merchandise and cash. Gift cards can also be traded for cash or Cryptocurrency in some cases on platforms that buy gift cards at high rates.


  • Employee Gift Cards Create discussions in the Office

Employees won’t talk about cash rewards because they would mostly be used for bills and no one enjoys talking about bills. But when the employee gets a gift they have been admiring it pushes them to want to talk about it. The other employees also want to know what the rewarded employee got with their gift card. This creates a positive buzz around the office which pushes employees to perform even more effectively.

Like was explained before employee gift cards are gift cards that are suitable for employees. So what are the top 10 gift cards that are suitable for employees in 2022?

Top 10 Employee Gift Cards For The New Year

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer with every item you can think of for sale on the platform. An Amazon gift card will make employees feel rewarded if they can get their hands on one.

2. Spotify

This one is for the music lovers in the office. Gift them access to listen to unlimited music on Spotify with a Spotify gift card.

3. Starbucks

This is an account-friendly type of gift card. A hot cup of Starbucks coffee on a cold morning will definitely give an employee a warm feeling.

4. Best Buy

A Best Buy gift card is the best option if you want to reward your employees with an electronic device.

5. iTunes

This one is for the square pegs in round holes. For the ones who love to make their iPhones an entertainment device. Give that employee an iTunes gift card and make them fall in love with your company.

6. Visa

This one can be used in any online or offline store that accepts Visa cards as payments. A Visa gift card definitely gives employees a wider range of gifts to pick from.

7. Mastercard

A Mastercard gift card has the same attributes as a Visa gift card.

8. Netflix

Want to grant an employee free access to movies?  A Netflix gift card is the best option.

9. Target

Target is one of America’s largest chain of departmental stores with a number of items from different categories. A target gift card will give an employee the option to choose from these items.

10. Walmart

A Walmart gift card just like Target gives you access to one of the largest retail stores in America.

Once again welcome to 2022!

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