Best Exchange Platform To Sell Steam Gift Card

Steam is an online commerce platform that allows users to buy games, hardware, software, and other products from their businesses. Like several other company giants globally, Steam sells cards as a prepaid alternative way of payment to debit and credit cards.

With your Steam gift card, you may purchase products online or sell them for cash in Nigeria.

Selling gift cards in Nigeria has become a complicated affair due to the number of rippers and scammers acting as online exchange platforms. To prevent the problems of rippers and scammers, you need to perform a little investigation about the site you select to patronize. Currently, in Nigeria, the most advanced online trading platform is Xpresstradez.

Xpresstradez is the most incredible gift card trading platform because it gives clients a user-friendly and intuitive site, rapid transactions, the best rates, 24/7 customer care, and secured transactions.

Moreover, Xpresstradez intentionally ensures that its consumers enjoy the most significant trading experience in Nigeria. Trust me; when you trade your gift cards with Xpresstradez, the distinction is evident through the outstanding user experience.

How Much Is A $100 Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

Nigeria’s gift card market heavily depends on the demand and supply of gift cards in the country. Depending on the demand and supply of gift cards, the rates fluctuate. The value of a gift card rises when the need for it is greater than the supply. Low demand and high supply result in low gift card pricing. However, Xpresstradez remains committed to selling gift cards at the lowest possible prices.

In Nigeria, a $100 Steam gift card costs 42,000 naira for a physical card and 40,000 naira for an e-code card.

How Much Is A $50 Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the best place to sell your Steam gift cards is Xpresstradez, the country’s leading exchange marketplace. Xpresstradez allows you to take control of your gift card trading experience by allowing you to sell your Steam gift cards. Above all, gift cards guarantee that all customers receive payments immediately and without any hassle.

Xpresstradez now values a $50 Steam gift card at 46,000 naira (e-code) and 57,000 naira (physical Steam gift card). Visit the website or app store immediately to get the most complex app.

How Much Is A €100 Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

Exchange rates for gift cards can be volatile, making it challenging to stay on top of everything. So it would help if you had an exchange tool to determine the exchange rates of all your gift cards for free.

To trade, you will want to use the most complex trading platform. A gift card rates calculator is available on Xpresstradez, allowing you to determine the current value of any gift card. The rate calculator does not have a monetary restriction. It can also tell you how much your Steam Euro gift cards are worth.

A 100-euro Steam gift card costs 134,00 naira on Xpresstradez and 104,000 naira for the e-code and the actual steam gift card.

How Much Is A €50 Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

There is no better spot for you if you have a 50-euro Steam gift card and are unsure what to do with it. Selling your Steam gift card on a reputable card trading platform is the only option in Nigeria because few stores accept gift cards. Prestmit is the most proper place in Nigeria to sell your Steam gift card. There are no hidden fees if you use Xpresstradez, which has the best rates.

In the current conversion rate on Xpresstradez 50-euro steam is equivalent to 67,000 naira for the physical steam card and e-codes are equivalent to 52,000 Naira. These rates change always.

Common Issues Associated With Steam Gift Cards

1. Transferability

You can not transfer wallet funds to a bank account. Once the Steam wallet code is redeemed, there is a link between the monies in the Steam wallet to the report. Purchasing funds from another Steam Wallet is only possible by purchasing a Steam Wallet code.

2. Damaged Steam Wallet Code

You may need to upload a picture of the code if it has been damaged and is not visible in a support ticket.

3. Unreflected Funds In The Steam Wallet

In most cases, the new cash will appear in your account without further action. But if the problem persists following the transaction, please follow these steps:

  • The Steam receipt should be in your email, so double-check that the transaction was successful.
  • Please verify that you log into the account that made the purchase (this information will be on the emailed receipt).
  • Restart Steam
  • If the corrected amount is still inaccurate, Steam Support can assist you.

How To Sell Steam Gift Cards on Xpresstradez

1. Create an Xpresstradez account and log in.

2. Navigate to “Begin Trade” to get started.

3. Click “Sell Gift Cards” and fill in the trade details.

4. Navigate to the “Category” to select your preferred card (Steam Gift Card).

5. Enter the amount of the Steam Gift Card you want to sell. You can calculate it using the rate calculator that works with the current rates.

6. Click on “Payout Method” to select your preferred mode of payment.

7. Upload a photo of the gift card. A single trade can contain up to 25 images. When exchanging e-code, which does not necessitate an idea, you can leave this box blank and enter the code in the comments section.

8. “Send Directly To My Bank Account” is a checkbox you must tick. If you prefer to have the money deposited straight into your bank account, check this option. You can use either the naira or the cedis payment mechanism. Selecting a bank account is required.

You must have added your bank account from your naira or cedis wallet to use this offer. Please note that if you do not tick this box, your Xpresstradez naira or cedis wallet (depending on your chosen payment method) will receive money, which you can withdraw at any time.


As selling a Steam gift card is predicated on its increasing value, getting a reliable platform to sell your gift card is essential to suck into its worth. However, Xpresstradez is that platform that offers you the true value of your gift card.