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Reasons Why Xpresstradez is the Best Gift Cards Website

Best website for selling gift cards and cryptos

Have you received a gift card that you don’t know what to do with? Would you have preferred a cash gift instead? Well, fear not, as we specialise in Xpresstradez. We are the best website to sell gift cards in Nigeria, so if you would rather have money in your pocket than a gift card that doesn’t suit your needs, consider our services.

Why Choose Us?

Instead of buying something you don’t really need with your gift card, sell it to us. Our service is second-to-none, and these are the reasons why.

We offer 24/7 support

Need to ask us a question? No worries, we have 24/7 available support, so no matter your query, you can be guaranteed a quick response. Our agents typically respond within a minute, so you don’t need to wait an age to get an answer to your line of enquiry.

We accept all gift cards

From Amazon gift cards to iTunes gift cards, they can all be accepted at xpresscardz. Our agents can handle any gift card exchange, at any time of the day, so you have the opportunity to quickly turn your redundant gift card into cash.

You can trade using WhatsApp

you can always trade your gift card with us using WhatsApp, Simply click here to send us a message on WhatsApp to initiate your perfect trade, and expect a quick response from one of our experienced agents.

We have many happy clients

We pride ourselves on the service that we can offer you but don’t just take our word for it. You can check out some of our testimonials on our home page, with quotes from some of our many happy customers. we do our best to give our customers the best trading experience ever to maintain a good reputation.  We have been called ‘the best exchangers ever,’ with comments related to how quick we are to respond to the people who decide to use our services.

You can trust us

Our customers clearly love us, but did you know that we have been commended in the news media too? Several newspapers have made mention of the great services that we can offer, so you can have the peace of mind that we really are the best website to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Alongside the testimonials you can find on our home page, you will also find positive word about us on our social media accounts too.

Use Our Services Today

So, if you have gift cards cluttering up your home, don’t delay in using our services. WhatsApp us to trade your gift cards, and enjoy a boost to your bank account within minutes.

CLICK HERE to trade your gift cards now.

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