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Best Valentine Gift Cards for Your Girlfriend

Gift Cards

Dictionary.com describes love as “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another”. That being said, the day set aside to show that passionate affection for your loved one is just around the corner. February 14th, Valentine’s day, is marked by millions worldwide through the act of gift-giving. The problem here is that not everybody knows what their other half wants. So how do you get her the perfect gift on that day? Gift cards, they take all that thinking off the giver and put it on the receiver. This is exactly why I thought about this article, to help male lovers get the best Valentine gift cards for the lady in their lives.

Research by Pollmann and Beest shows that women were better at selecting the right gifts for receivers than men. With this discovery, it is safe to say she will know when the gift isn’t right for her. Giving her the wrong gift just shows how little you know about the things she likes. So for now you can play it safe and smart with Valentine gift cards.

What Are Valentine Gift Cards?

Gift cards generally are prepaid cards with monetary value that are used for payments in merchant stores.

Valentine gift cards on the other hand are gift cards that are suitable as gifts on Valentine’s day.

What can they be Used For?

Valentine gift cards just like every other gift card are used as the following:

  • Payment Cards

They usually come with an amount of money loaded on them so cardholders can shop with the gift card till the money is exhausted. Note that they can’t be used to withdraw money from ATMs.

  • Gifts

Gift givers will confess that gift cards provide safety when you have to give a gift to your loved ones. This is because they allow the receiver to choose exactly what they want. So this might just be the most effective type of gift.

  • Valentine Gift Cards can also be Traded for Money Or Crypto

In a case where the card receiver or even the giver has no reason to use the card anymore, they can be traded for cash or crypto on gift card exchange platforms like Xpresstradez.

Top 10 Gift Cards for Your Girlfriend this Valentine

After careful research, here are the top 10 gift cards you can get your lady:

  1. Amazon
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard
  4. AMEX
  5. Target
  6. Sephora
  7. Macy’s
  8. Spafinder
  9. Nordstrom
  10. Zappos

This list was curated on the following basis:

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  • Open-Loop Gift Cards

Open-Loop gift cards are gift cards that are usable in any store that accepts the card issuer’s debit cards. E.g, Visa, AMEX and Mastercard.

  • Departmental Store Gift Cards

In a departmental store there are thousands of items to pick from in different categories this gives the gift card receiver more options to pick from. Examples of department store gift cards are Amazon, Target, Macy’s.

  • Beauty/Skincare Gift Cards

Ladies like to be pampered and taken care of, nothing speaks louder in this field than gift cards like Sephora and Spafinder.

  • Footwear Store Gift Cards

Whether she likes to look elegant or is an easy-going sneakers lady, a Zappos and Nordstrom gift card will satisfy her cravings.

All you have to do now is study the kind of things to like so as to know what kind of gift card will suit her. For example, if she likes to smell good then give her a Sephora gift card. You can’t go wrong with a gift card this Valentine so go ahead and buy one or two for her.

If you would like to trade your offered valentine’s gift cards click here to trade now.

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