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Amazon Vs iTunes Gift cards: How to Sell Gift cards


One of the convenient means for making payments in our present time is gift cards.

Gift cards are value stored money cards equivalent to cash. There are lots of gift cards today, like Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Google play store, Razer gold, Sephora etc.

Do you have an idea about these gift cards? Amazon and iTunes are two gift cards that give much value when you exchange the card.

But which of them do you know or do you think is the best?

In this article, we will be talking about Amazon vs iTunes and pointing out everything you need to know about these gift cards.

Let’s get started.

What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a type of payment used to make purchases at a gas station, retail store, etc.

A type of Debit card loaded with funds to make purchases at a particular store or for future use.

Gift cards have become popular as people use them for online transactions and also exchange them for cash through trading apps and sites.

Examples of Gift Cards include:

There are a plethora of gift cards but only a few cover the complete criteria for being called a gift card. Furthermore, a lot of the cards listed in this space can be used universally which increases the value of the card greatly.

~ iTunes

~ Amazon

~ Steam

~ Walmart

~ Starbucks

~ Sephora

~ Steam

~ Victoria’s secret, etc

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase goods and services only on Amazon and certain sites approved by Amazon.

An Amazon gift card is a card loaded with a certain amount of money and sent out through email or any method to its recipient.

This recipient can receive his gift and redeem it on Amazon for anything on Amazon. And in a single day, you can purchase up to $15,000.

Different types of Amazon Gift Cards

There are different types of Amazon gift cards and they include

1. Amazon eGift card:

This eGift card is mainly issued out through email. You can enter any amount you want.

This type of card can be sent once or you can schedule a date in the future.

It can be sent to many recipients at once.

Also, you can get gift cards in bulk for corporate purposes through the Amazon incentives program.

Within 5 minutes, this Amazon gift card is delivered and that is only if you have no issue with your payment card.

2. Print At Home Amazon Gift Card:

After you enter the amount, quantity and make the payment, a print at home Amazon gift card is sent to you via PDF.

You can customize the card anyhow you want it after printing it at home.

After making any purchase, the print at home PDF can be downloaded from your order section.

This type of gift card can be delivered within minutes.

3. Gift cards by Mail:

These types of gift cards are really customized and they come in different designs and packages.

Amazon disburses to the recipients after they have picked a preferred design and made payment.

It’s free day shipping to an available location.

4. Anytime Greeting Cards:

This kind of gift card is delivered inside the Amazon gift cards but it comes with no value.

You will need to log in to your Amazon account once you receive the card. Enter your serial number and load in your funds.

You will present it as a gift after payment is processed and the card is active.

You can easily load funds into this kind of gift card like about $2000 and it’s delivered within two days.

Gift cards can be customized into any occasion like

Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Congratulations, Weddings, Graduation, etc.


  • Amazon gift card can be used to purchase products from an Amazon store.
  • There are no international charges
  • Amazon gift card has no annual fee attached.
  • You earn your cash back using Amazon gift card
  • It had no expiration
  • You can redeem your gift via Amazon.com
  • Amazon gift card offers variety of reward options like car hire, luxury hotels etc.


  • No sharing of the Amazon gift card with 2 accounts of same user
  • Amazon gift card doesn’t have price protection or return protection.

iTunes Gift Card

iTunes is very popular because of its importance. It’s a multipurpose card that could be used to do anything.

The iTunes gift card can be used to buy ebooks, music, movies, games etc.

It’s a one-stop card for Apple users and can be referred to as Apple iTunes cards and it’s very versatile.

With the iTunes card, you can buy games on the Apple Store.

With iTunes cards, all the games are on the go.

With this card, you can purchase RPGs, casual games and simulation games.

If received via mail, you can easily redeem it by clicking on Redeem Now in the body of the message received.

iTunes gift cards are delivered to your email or customer account online. And each order is processed within 1-2 minutes or at least 50 seconds. You will get access to your codes to redeem to give to a friend or in your iTunes store account. Like initially said, you can use it to purchase apps, books or even TV shows.

One of the great features of using gift cards is its benefits to fund and access from anywhere in the world. But iTunes gift cards cannot be used to purchase any service outside of the Apple app store or iTunes.

Benefits of iTunes Gift Card

There are a lot of benefits you get when you use your iTunes card to run your transactions. These benefits include:

You can buy and send online:

With the Amazon vs iTunes gift cards, everything Is convenient for you. You don’t need to worry about queues in malls when out shopping.

You can save time and energy by buying iTunes gift cards on the web

A gift for any season :

This gift card comes in different denominations. You get yours depending on the occasion or season.

You can give that as a birthday gift to someone who likes reading books or as a package to another on their graduation as a gift.

It’s versatile as it works for everyone:

It’s a gift suitable for everyone whether a guy or a girl.

A gift suitable for people who have it all:

It can serve as a gift to people who have everything. It’s a better solution for that

 iTunes can be used to boost businesses:

The iTunes gift card can be used for promoting a business. For online contests, it can be used as a prize, to valued clients it can be placed in a gift bag. You can use them as a token of appreciation to employees for work well done or giveaways at trade fairs.


  • They are very flexible enough and can be used by anyone.
  • Very ideal for promoting businesses
  •  iTune gift card never expires
  • Android Users can also redeem it
  • They can serve as gifts
  • It offers fair value


  • It doesn’t offer travel rewards or insurance coverage..


In discussing Amazon vs iTunes, both have the highest rate and can easily be exchanged for cash. You can get 92% of value with Amazon and 83% face value with iTunes.

iTunes are popular in Nigeria and can easily be accessed in stores unlike some gift cards

Amazon vs iTunes can come in different popular currencies like USD, GBP, EUR or less currencies like CAD AND AUD and you will be paid for your gift card.

Due to online transactions which are now popular, Amazon and iTunes come in handy. With Amazon gift cards, you can order from Amazon.com. With iTunes, you can order from approved stores like Apple media or the software market.

Products you can purchase with an Amazon or iTunes Gift Card

If gifted with an Amazon or iTunes gift card, you can purchase incredible gifts for yourself.

Whether gifted $25, $50, $100, here are few products to purchase

A relaxing oil diffuser:

You need to relax and unwind after a stressful day. With these oil diffusers, you can waft fragrant scents into the air. It can run for hours with no flame required.

A streaming stick for binge-watching

So you have subscribed to Netflix, you can use your Amazon gift cards to bring your show to your TV with a streaming stick. The Roku Streaming stick is quite affordable and tested for an amazing watching experience.

A board game everyone enjoys playing:

With your Amazon vs iTunes gift card, you can purchase Codenames from the Amazon store and any app game from the Apple store with an iTunes gift card.

A makeup mirror with excellent lighting:

Tired of reaching the sink or fighting over Timing with your mates, then get a lighted mirror for yourself. The make-up lighting is quite good for the bathroom.

After much research, it was discovered DeWeisn Tri-Fold Mirror has super lighting with clear reflection.

A smart speaker with Screen:

You can gift yourself with this to see timers, updates or even make video calls.

A pressure cooker:

With your Amazon gift card, you can gift yourself an instant pot. The gadget is great for everyone whether you love cooking or not.

You can use it to make soups, steam veggies or cook the grain.

A blender :

With Amazon or iTunes gift cards, you can get accessories and electronics. You can get a blender for making healthy smoothies for yourself.  The ninja personal blender is the best as it is tested and easy to use.

A portable Speaker:

You can get a portable speaker that gives you the jam wherever you go with your Amazon vs iTunes card.

The Anker Bluetooth speaker is tested and trusted with 24 hours battery life and great sound.

Apple Airpods:

If you are lucky to get a hefty gift card, you can treat yourself to some pairs of Apple Airpods. Amazon and iTunes cards can get you these wireless headphones.

Best site to sell gift cards and redeem your Amazon vs iTunes gift card

According to channelstv, the best site to sell and redeem your Amazon vs iTunes gift cards and a host of others is Xpresstradez.

Xpresstradez is the best site to sell and redeem your Amazon and iTunes gift card online in Nigeria and get paid in Naira. They have also been verified by various news.

Xpresstradez is also one of the best gift card trading site where you can sell and redeem your gift cards. It has been trusted and tested and has gained over 150,000 clients and is still counting.

We are fully registered under the Nigerian corporate affairs commission.

We are very fast and reliable and also buy at very high rates.


1. Can you buy off Amazon with an iTunes gift card?

No, you can’t use an iTunes gift card to make purchases of anything in any marketplace other than iTunes.

2. What can I buy with iTunes gift card?

You can buy games, apps, in-app purchases, movies, music, Apple books, Apple TV store, subscriptions for Apple music, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage etc.


Amazon and iTunes gift cards are two most popular gift cards. As discussed in this article, Amazon vs iTunes has high face card value when exchanged to cash.

You can use both to purchase anything both in the Amazon.com store and Apple Store.

Both Amazon vs iTunes can serve as gifts on any season or occasion.

They are both flexible and can be used by anyone.

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