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5 Ways To Avoid Gift Card Scams in 2023

Gift Cards

These dubious activities are very common in the use of Gift Cards because Gift Cards are mostly cards preloaded with a certain amount of money that can be used to purchase items in different stores. The fact that Gift Cards have a credit value and can even be sold for cash and crypto , makes them very attractive to online cyber attackers.

However, there are credible ways to avoid these scams and stay safe from these online fraudsters who are out to con you of your card.


5 Ways To Avoid Gift Card Scams in 2022

Despite the rising trend on the strategies used for Gift Card Scams, here are some tips that will help you notice a scammer and prevent that from happening.

1. Ignore Unknown Callers Asking For Card Details:

Do not give in to or listen to any caller claiming to be an Internal Revenue Service official while requesting your Gift Card details to process payment of your taxes and other legal fees. No government agency accepts tax or utility bills through Gift Cards. When you get this kind of call, simply hang up and make a report.

2. Use as Soon as Possible;

You may wonder why I said this, but using your Gift Cards as soon as you buy them will prevent bots from searching and discovering the card information. A lot of scammers use bots to search for card information on the Gift Card systems, using your card quickly will prevent the bots from getting your card information.

3. Avoid Picking Gift Cards Displayed on Racks:

Scammers come to retail stores to steal the Gift Card information and still place them back on the shelf. They wait for their victims to buy the cards and activate them, then they proceed to use the Gift Card, using the information they stole.

To avoid this type of scam, always go for the cards that are not displayed on the rack.

4. Observe The Cashier:

Some cashiers are controversial in their duty, they are even accomplices to the scammers by their shady act of hoarding the original Gift Card handed over to them by customers and replacing them with a blank card. Always keep a close eye on the cashiers while activating your Gift Card over the counter.

5. Do Not Buy From Online Auctions:

Sometimes, some Gift Cards are being auctioned online for sale at cheaper prices, people tend to buy these Gift Cards and realize later that the credit value is lesser than they were meant to believe or the Gift Card does not even work.

The best way to avoid this is to buy from only legit retail stores, do not buy from online auctions.

These tips will guide and prevent you from falling victim to any Gift Card Scam. Even when you realize you have been defrauded, contact the customer service Centre of your brand as soon as possible.

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